Bodle Street Green Hort. Society

Thank you so much for our visit to your lovely garden today. It was such a treat to be able to come, especially as most of our other events were cancelled. We all enjoyed ourselves & are very grateful to you for the extra work involved in having to comply with social distancing etc. Thank you again from all of us.

Ticehurst Gardeners' Association

Thank you for inviting Ticehurst Gardeners' Association to visit your wonderful garden on Tuesday.   We had a lovely time - it is so nice to be able to visit gardens again and the rain held off!  I was impressed by the huge amount of planting in a relatively small space without the feeling that any one plant was overwhelmed by its neighbours.  

The Hardy Plant Society Sussex

We enjoyed two amazing visits today, and both groups had a wonderful time, and all fell in love with your magical garden.  So much to see and enjoy, with many tasteful touches to discover with all the intriguing echeverias around in all sorts of interesting containers and beautifully displayed. We also enjoyed the marvellous garden frame and greenhouses, the paving, the water feature......I could go on, for the members have mentioned so much to me that they were interested in. So well done, so much to see.

NGS County Organiser

It's very's very Chelsea!

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